Allotment update! Helene’s sunflowers are leaping out of their pots!

Of the seedlings in the egg cartons, the cucumbers grew the fastest so they got dibs on four fresh pots (goodbye Oregano, Camomile and mystery seed).

The carrots are growing like grass so I thinned them out a bit. The arugula and mustard grew and died so quick in the egg cartons that I never got a chance to replant them. So I’m going to try a different approach with them and just sprinkle a bunch in a larger pot and let them grow wild. 

The new avocado tree continues to impress, the old avocado tree continues it’s march to the bin. If I had a garden I could just plant off to the side somewhere and forget about it for a few years to see if it came back, but with pots, real-estate is ruthless, I can’t let a tree hang out in a primo pot not doing anything when there are so many sprouted avocado seeds waiting their turn.

This is turning into a social-political metaphor and it’s making me feel terrible. 

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