Allotment update part 3! The thrilling conclusion to 2013!

Before we left town for the holidays we harvested the carrots! The pack of seeds explicitly said we’d be eating carrots three months after we planted them. My dreams of carrot souffle and carrot cake, DASHED.

We accidentally closed the greenhouse door on our flourishing avocado tree more than once, so we took the glass out of the door and now the tree is growing through it! Safety first. 

This is our starting point for 2014: a super avocado tree that’s ready to move to a bigger pot, no carrots, dying peas, wilting basil and some stringy arugula. The “hibernating” cherry trees from October are still sitting in their pot, not doing a DAMN THING. They’ve got till spring to show some signs of life before we give their luxurious pot to the avocado tree.

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