What happened to the cherry trees!? They’re still there, we removed them from their pots and replanted them all together in a big pot that we put under the bench until spring, to see if they’re dead or hibernating, if they come back to life we’ll put them back in individual pots.

In their place we planted the Rio Tinto pine from last week and seeded some more carrots and arugula. We’re getting more comfortable with pinching and pruning, so when the arugula sprouted like mad I thinned them out. We were too scared to do that with the first pot of carrots, but when this next pot sprouts I’ll tend to them as well.

The one basil is out of control, it keeps growing stem! Grow leaves you jerk!

We’ve also been finding these little sprouts in all the pots, what are they and where are they coming from? I’m starting to think the mint tea I put in my compost bin might have contained mint seeds! We’re going to let a few of these little sprouts grow to see if the second set of leaves tell us what they are.

And lastly: we staked the pea vines! We had these fondue skewers that we found too brittle, so we’re using them to hold up the vines! I’m calling it our trellis but Damhnait says that’s incorrect.

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